Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hand Forged Cleaver

This cleaver can be seen at kusudaknives.com

This forged heavy cleaver was hand made in Santa Cruz, California, originally designed for a herbalist to chop tough root herbs that his ordinary cleaver could not handle.

At just over two pounds, this cleaver can handle all of your heavy kitchen chopping tasks. This cleaver should be able to handle chicken bones and coconuts!

The blade is high carbon leaf spring steel, so it will take a razor sharp edge (in other words, if the blade is sharpened sufficiently, it can shave hair), but it will also rust if not dried and oiled immediately after use.

The handle is ipe wood, which is very tough high density wood grown in South America.

The hole in the cleaver can be used to hang it on a wall.

The knife will come shaving sharp.


Weight: 2 pounds, 1 ounce
Cutting edge: 6.75 inches
Handle: 4.75 inches
Blade: almost 4.5 inches wide